Saturday, January 05, 2008

Springs of Life Lutheran Church - What's in a Name? Hope for AIDS Orphans and Africa.

"Sticks and stones will break my bones..." This familiar chant from our youth was a way for us to learn that when people call us names, it doesn't have to hurt.

However, there are words that do what they say. They create, bring into existence, the very things they speak.

Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kibera Kenya is a name that does what it says. The church was named that because in front of the church a fresh water spring bubbles up from the ground. Above, a man from the community gathers water while the Lutheran preschool in the back ground teams with the lives of young children being raised in their baptismal waters of life.

Below, another man gathers water in an old plastic jug soon after he washed some dishes in the spring. Water is necessary for life no matter where you live in the world. It is the foundation of life.

Springs of Life Lutheran church is a Spring of Life unto eternity. Pastor Meeker and the congregation are faithful bearers of God's Word. The springs that flow in front of the church bring life to the slums, cause food to grow, and sustain the community's basic needs. People always must gather around the water that is in their midst.

Springs of Life, does the same for the people of Kibera, but their spring of life transcends the poverty, tribulation, and sickness of this sinful world. Just as water must be among a living community, so is Springs of Life in the midst of the living people of God to bring hope, mercy, and forgiveness.
Water changes the life of communities, but the Word of God and the springs CREATE eternal life and sustain it.

The washing and regeneration of the soul brings faith and forgiveness to people where the fires of hell once raged. The daily waters of baptism's power drown the burning of sin in life and create hope and peace in our riotous lives.

Springs of Life Lutheran church lost a lot of the blessings of this life in terms of "things." However, the hellish fires of Satan will never put down the power of life in the waters of baptism. The church lives day to day in her baptismal life. She feeds on the body and blood of Christ as He calls her home to eternally Feast on a weekly basis. Therein the unity of Christ's body is made manifest.

It is this unity in the body of Christ, created through springs of life and the word, that we rejoice with each other and that we suffer with each other. The children (children below were cared for in the clinic) and their parents need the medical clinic of Springs of Life Lutheran Church. __________________________________________

The young man (above), who was reading the swahili version of Good News from Lutheran Heritage Foundation, needs his church. He was waiting for his mother to finish going through the line. He was treated with de-worming medicine and will be fine.

The two boys below are baptized members of Springs of Life.


In the name of the Holy One who brings life and salvation, I pray that you will share your blessings with your fellow-washed saints. They need your prayers, your gifts, and your faithfulness to God's word in the sacramental life.

The glory of God was in the suffering and death of God - the Lord, Jesus Christ! For us.

Pax Domini sit vobiscum!
The Peace of the Lord be with you alway!