Thursday, January 03, 2008

Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kenya - Burning

Kirk Radford, an elder from St. John's Lutheran Church in Rochester alerted me to this picture of Springs of Life in Kibera Slums. It is so sad to see. The fire was started in the medical clinic which was attached on the back side of the church. The flames are shooting out the windows of the clinic (below).
(I'd like to thank Joseph Karoki who first posted it here.)

Yes, it is only a building, however, the medical clinic was remodeled this past summer and it was a beacon to the community. It was a great outreach to the people in Kibera. Kirk attended our Faith & Mercy Expedition last October and saw how beautiful the clinic was.

This picture was at the medical clinic.

Prior to that trip, I arrived early to assist with a medical mission group sponsored by LCMS World Relief. This was the church and the clinic before (above). They saw over 800 people that week who needed the medical care so badly. Here are some more pics of the remodeled clinic\church before the burning.

This picture was taken at the dedication ceremony of the newly remodeled medical clinic.

The clinic was also being cared for by a doctor whose husband was working at the American Embassy for a couple of years. She volunteered to come to the clinic and help people once a week.

Patients waiting in the hall to see the doctors.

More patients outside.

Volunteer doctor and translator with patient inside the clinic.

Nurses handing out prescriptions from inside.

Children who saw the doctor.

A child waiting in the church for his mother who was in line at the clinic.

I posted these pics so that we can remember what was there. It isn't really the building, but the mercy of Christ that was shown to these people through the church and the clinic. There was plenty of evangelizing that took place by Pr. Meeker and his members. That's what really counts.

Thankfully, Pastor Meeker, his members, and others in the ELCK are determined to re-build and continue serving the community. Members of Springs of Life Lutheran Church make about one dollar a day. They don't have much money to build. But, they will serve and do what they can.

Please keep them in your prayers and consider helping them.