Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kenyan Bishop Obare Visits Kibera Slums and Lutheran Church Damage

Recently, Bishop Obare and Pr. David Chuchu visited the Kibera slums to inspect the damage to the Church, pre-school, and medical clinic at the Springs of Life location.

The ELCK is working hard to keep up with all of the members who experienced a loss of property and food during the civil unrest. Many people in the U.S. have met Bishop Obare, Pr. Chuchu, and Pr. Meeker and have heard first hand of the work of ELCK.

There several other churches and faithful members that suffered damage and even death during the aftermath of the elections.

The people of the ELCK need help and the safest way to help them is through financial gifts. Friends of Mercy will see to it that your gifts will go directly to work in the Kibera Slums and support Pastor and Lorna Meeker.
During this time of upheaval, it is still the children, widows, and orphans that so often hurt the most.

We will match the gifts and send them on. The gifts from faithful Lutherans in the states is what made the medical clinic possible, the continuing education and catechesis of children and adults, and helps the ELCK to continue with a faithful Lutheran presence in Kenya.

It is with this hope and comfort that the members of Springs of Life Lutheran Church will once again fix the water and electricity, repair the church and the school, and continue giving thanks to the Lord of Life who comes through the Springs of Life. As we look to the cross of Christ, (Above, Bishop Obare looks over the charred cross and the place where the altar once stood.) which comes only through the word and the sacramental life, we know the Lord will work all things out for our best as we suffer our own crosses, whatever they may be.