Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pr. Meeker and Springs of Life Lutheran - Find Home for Widow and Church Worker in Kibera Kenya

Pictured above is Rebbecca Muthoni in front of wrecked homes. Rebbecca is a widow. She has two young children. Springs of Life Lutheran Church set out to help this faithful Lutheran rebuild her home in Kibera. Like so many others in Kibera, gangs of youth forced her out of her home amidst the violence, only to return to see a pile of ashes.

The mercy of God is extended from the altar to the home. Springs of Life organized some members to rebuild her home (above). They bought the wood, cleaned up the site, and begun placing the posts. things were looking up for Rebbecca.

Shortly after this hopeful beginning, a group of thugs threatened her life. They forced her from her new dwelling and now she is without a home. The thugs, too often described as political protesters, now reside in her home.

Rebbecca lived there her entire life. She invested her entire life, work, and spirit to her children and home. Sadly, Rebbecca also lost her job at the same time. Rebbecca was a cook at the Lutheran preschool and it too, along with the church, parsonage, and medical clinic were torched by the mobs.

In Kenya, the families of school children must pay "school fees." Rebecca's fees are due soon. Pr. Meeker is working to locate another place for her to stay. He is also hoping to help her and many others during this time of trial, tribulation, and uncertainty.

However, as faithful Lutherans, they know that Christ will provide through the love and mercy of the Church. What is certain is their hope in Christ, the mercy only He gives unto eternity.

Our U.S. dollar goes a long way in Kenya. Please consider a donation to Friends of Mercy as we work to support the widows and orphans through the altar of the Springs of Life Lutheran Church, as well as all over Kenya.

Lutherans are making a difference!
Pr. Meeker and his congregation are making a difference. Rebbecca is making a difference by getting her children to school and cooking for all of the other children.

You, too, can make a difference.