Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kibera, Kenya - Lutheran Pre-school Destroyed -100's of Orphans - Now What?

Where the Children Once Learned

I've shared some pictures of Springs of Life Lutheran Church after the fire. This time I'll talk about their pre-school and some of the programs that take place at the school - well, used to take place. I'm sure they will get this going again ASAP.Springs of Life's Preschool, Gospel, Baptisms, and Hundreds of Children Receive Help

Over the last couple of years when Friends of Mercy hosts one of our Faith & Mercy Expeditions, we always are sure to stop in to Pastor Meeker's Springs of Life pre-school.

The ELCK has done incredible work in the battle against HIV/AIDS prevention and education. This is one of the great programs which is Christ-centered and brings hope in His mercy to the children of the Kibera Slums (a nice picture set here and one of ours here).

The set of pictures below are pictures that we took while we were on our Faith & Mercy Expedition.

In the school, the children are provided a quality education. They get a biblical education and the songs are about Christ and the bible.

When you get a chance to look at other pictures of Kibera and where the children live, you can seen what a blessing it is to go to school.

Last year, secondary classes were also taught at the Kibera school.

The children love to sing for visitors to the school.

By law, in Kenya, any student who attends a school must purchase a uniform.

Lutheran grade school teach from MI, Elizabeth Nelson, reads a story book to the children that her MI class made for the Kenyan school.

Even though there is a fee for attending the Lutheran pre-school, the cost ends up being whatever the parents can afford. At wages around a $1 a day, well, you can do the math.

They will Learn Again

The set of pictures below are pictures after the unrest. The "after" pictures were taken by either Pastor Halahke or Pastor Meeker.

With salaries at a dollar a day, it will take a lot of days to rebuild the school to get back to reaching out with mercy to the children.

There really is nothing more to say.

"If one member suffers, all suffer together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together." I Corinthians 12:26

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Peace of the Lord be with you always.