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Pr. Meeker and Springs of Life Lutheran - Find Home for Widow and Church Worker in Kibera Kenya

Pictured above is Rebbecca Muthoni in front of wrecked homes. Rebbecca is a widow. She has two young children. Springs of Life Lutheran Church set out to help this faithful Lutheran rebuild her home in Kibera. Like so many others in Kibera, gangs of youth forced her out of her home amidst the violence, only to return to see a pile of ashes.

The mercy of God is extended from the altar to the home. Springs of Life organized some members to rebuild her home (above). They bought the wood, cleaned up the site, and begun placing the posts. things were looking up for Rebbecca.

Shortly after this hopeful beginning, a group of thugs threatened her life. They forced her from her new dwelling and now she is without a home. The thugs, too often described as political protesters, now reside in her home.

Rebbecca lived there her entire life. She invested her entire life, work, and spirit to her children and home. Sadly, Rebbecca also lost her job at the same time. Rebbecca was a cook at the Lutheran preschool and it too, along with the church, parsonage, and medical clinic were torched by the mobs.

In Kenya, the families of school children must pay "school fees." Rebecca's fees are due soon. Pr. Meeker is working to locate another place for her to stay. He is also hoping to help her and many others during this time of trial, tribulation, and uncertainty.

However, as faithful Lutherans, they know that Christ will provide through the love and mercy of the Church. What is certain is their hope in Christ, the mercy only He gives unto eternity.

Our U.S. dollar goes a long way in Kenya. Please consider a donation to Friends of Mercy as we work to support the widows and orphans through the altar of the Springs of Life Lutheran Church, as well as all over Kenya.

Lutherans are making a difference!
Pr. Meeker and his congregation are making a difference. Rebbecca is making a difference by getting her children to school and cooking for all of the other children.

You, too, can make a difference.

Kenyan Bishop Obare Visits Kibera Slums and Lutheran Church Damage

Recently, Bishop Obare and Pr. David Chuchu visited the Kibera slums to inspect the damage to the Church, pre-school, and medical clinic at the Springs of Life location.

The ELCK is working hard to keep up with all of the members who experienced a loss of property and food during the civil unrest. Many people in the U.S. have met Bishop Obare, Pr. Chuchu, and Pr. Meeker and have heard first hand of the work of ELCK.

There several other churches and faithful members that suffered damage and even death during the aftermath of the elections.

The people of the ELCK need help and the safest way to help them is through financial gifts. Friends of Mercy will see to it that your gifts will go directly to work in the Kibera Slums and support Pastor and Lorna Meeker.
During this time of upheaval, it is still the children, widows, and orphans that so often hurt the most.

We will match the gifts and send them on. The gifts from faithful Lutherans in the states is what made the medical clinic possible, the continuing education and catechesis of children and adults, and helps the ELCK to continue with a faithful Lutheran presence in Kenya.

It is with this hope and comfort that the members of Springs of Life Lutheran Church will once again fix the water and electricity, repair the church and the school, and continue giving thanks to the Lord of Life who comes through the Springs of Life. As we look to the cross of Christ, (Above, Bishop Obare looks over the charred cross and the place where the altar once stood.) which comes only through the word and the sacramental life, we know the Lord will work all things out for our best as we suffer our own crosses, whatever they may be.

Kibera (Kenya) Lutherans - Gospel and Mercy - ELCK and Pr. Meeker to Build, Rebuild, and Again

In a phone conversation with Pastor Meeker today (Sunday, 1-27), he told me how his congregation is coming together to begin to rebuild. (girl rests upon baptismal font while family help rebuild the pulpit)

"Well, brother," said Pr. Meeker, "the Lord is good and has blessed us. We had 180 people in church today. What about that!" The consummate optimist and hard worker, shepherding the faithful members of Springs of Life, Pr. Meeker did go on to talk about some of the difficulties. "This week will have to rebuild and fix the electricity and water again. Just when you think you are making progress, the looters start up again. But, we'll make it, brother. We are not giving up, the Gospel is going out among the people."

As Lutherans, we fully grasp the power of forgiveness to face sin and everything it brings in this world. Our baptismal grace, something Lutherans are proud of, provides the certainty of our salvation, the certainty of the Lord's blessings to strengthen us and bring people to faith. The cross that Lutherans understand is a cross that doesn't place numbers on the people of God, rather seeks the faithful proclamation of a sacramental life that brings hope and peace beyond our struggles in this life.
The girl in the picture above is a great image of how Lutherans rely on what God has done for them, not on what they are doing for God. It is God's faithfulness to His people that strengthens us to endure the hardest of hardships.

So, with confidence, Pr. Meeker, Bishop Obare, Pr. Chuchu and the people of God continue in Kenya to proclaim the gospel and to rebuild the lives God has given them to care for. The faithful workers and members of the congregation, as is the case anywhere in the world, will follow through and do what they do - to rebuild - so that the proclamation of the Word and the sacramental life will continue - as we all rest on our baptismal promises.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kenya Lutherans Begin Clean Up - New Photos

[Please help the Meekers and Springs of Life re-build. Your donation will go directly to "Meeker Support" or "Rebuild the Springs" project of Friends of Mercy. "Our Work is Connected to An Altar!"]

I'd first like to apologize for not posting this week. My original plan was to man the booth at the CTS Fort Wayne symposium and update the blog at night. Well, God's grace and "Thy will be done" is what keeps me going.

I ended up losing my voice Monday and Tuesday. So I thought, good, I'll have a strong finish at the symposium. Of course, I talked too much on Wed., met with a few Fort Wayne donors and then ended up at Dr. Just's party for the deaconess program.

Well, I was down and out again on Thursday and Friday. When Sell doesn't go to a banquet for good food and an opportunity to hear Erin Bode, you know he's sick. (If you haven't heard her sing, you are really missing something. She is a Lutheran to boot! :). She does work to help LCMS World Relief with a beautiful CD of songs and hymns with the Themba Girls) But, as always, I pray, "Thy will be done" and do what I'm able.

Ok, on to the work at hand.

One of the things I enjoy so much about working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya and her congregations is how the members work hard to help themselves. So it is with Pastor Meeker's congregation, Springs of Life in the Kibera slums.

The clean up has begun. Pastor Meeker sent me these pics this morning as they start walking down the long road to restoration. Members are carrying away the ashes and coals from the fires of the parsonage.
Pastor Meeker is doing a lot of good work to bring the people together and move forward. He and the ELCK faithfully put "faith & mercy" in practice. Services continue with the regular giving of the body and blood of Jesus for forgiveness along with an ongoing food program to care for his parishioners.
In an hour I leave for Immanuel Lutheran Church in Perryville, MO for another opportunity to proclaim the word and explain how "Lutherans are Making A Difference!" because faith and mercy can not be separated.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pr. Meeker - An International News Story for Kibera Lutherans, Kenya

Here are a couple of links that talk about Pastor Meeker, what he has done and endured along with other Kenyans. They really could use the help with the food and water crisis.

Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne IN

Kenya NewsDay


(Right: people who were fed and provided a home for four days during violent protests.)

Pr. Meeker, Kibera Kenya - DOUBLE YOUR GIFTS as an Example of the Cross - Lutherans Making a Difference

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ... ...we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. Romans 5:1-4

From the Water of Life to the Water of Life.

Pastor Meeker is only doing what God called him to do. That is his take on his first call. What is amazing is that this Mzungu Mjinga (Swahili - crazy white man) preacher from Iowa, at 53 years old, is making an incredible difference amongst the poor in the 1 million plus shanty town, known as the Kibera Slums.

Meeker is a Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya
Pastor Meeker was trained in the LCMS. He was a second career student at the seminary in Fort Wayne IN. He did a one year vicarage in Kenya. He married a Kenyan girl (Lorna), who is also a Lutheran deaconess in the ELCK.

(Left, one of the shops prior to the looting and burning which provided food for the people.)
This past Spring, when it was time for him to receive a call, the LCMS was unable to call him to a position in Kenya where his heart yearned to bring acts of mercy and proclaim the gospel to the people in Kenya. Since his vicarage was in Kenya and his wife was Kenyan, he knew what he was getting into.

So, Bishop Walter Obare, the bishop of the ELCK, received him into his church body. Pastor Meeker knew that leaving the "safety" of the LCMS and switching his membership to the ELCK was a risk. But, it was a call from God to serve in the largest slum in Africa - Kibera. So, with the excitement of his first call in hand, Pastor Meeker invited Bishop Obare to come to the United States and ordain him into the pastoral office in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya.

The pragmatic fall out to become a pastor in the ELCK means that Pastor Meeker's ministry is not a mission of the LCMS. He receives no funding from us formally. However, because of his biblical understanding of Faith & Mercy going together, he wanted to renovate the offices of the church and turn them into a medical clinic.

Thankfully, LCMS World Relief stepped up to the plate to support the work of mercy in the medical clinic. They helped raise money for the clinic and Friends of Mercy was there at the dedication. (left)

The ELCK is a partner church of the LCMS, but they are a very poor church. Pastor Meeker accepted the Lord's call through the ELCK into Springs of Life, knowing that he was to raise his own funds for his position in the ELCK. He was no longer a member of the LCMS.

We, his friends in the U.S., are pleased and honored to support such a faithful pastor in the midst of the cross. His call was an incredible challenge and He is a testimony to our Lord's theology of the cross.

You Thought it Was Hard Before? - Humanly SpeakingT

When Pastor Meeker accepted the call to Kenya, he realized his church and her members were those of the infamous Kibera Slums. Over one million people call Kibera home. When I was at his church in October, the church was packed with members, newcomers, and children. Not only were the pews packed, but they set up white plastic chairs down the middle aisle. HIV\AIDS is an epidemic. Malaria is the number one killer in the world and Kenya is no different. TB, malnutrition, poverty, and a dollar a day wages were those whom God called Pastor Meeker to serve.

He has baptized over 40 people in the short tenure at Springs of Life. Thousands of people received care through their medical clinic. Hundreds of children, fed, educated, and catechized in the daily pre-school and the hundreds who show up for the weekend programs.

Then Came Kenya's 2007 Presidential Election

It was a very hard call before the elections. Now, his members homes are burned out, his church, preschool, medical clinic, and parsonage was looted and burned out... What's a faithful pastor to do? FAITH & MERCY - TEACH AND BAPTIZE, FOOD AND WATER FOR THOSE IN NEED!

You and I might think, "How much more can this Mzungu take?" In an e-mail this morning from Pastor Meeker, he sent me pics of what he has been doing since the trouble broke out.

He had over 40 people staying at the GuestHouse in Nairobi because it was too dangerous in their homes. What did he do with them? For four days he catechized them! He offered baptism at the end of his review of Luther's Small Catechism and invited them to services - which he held at the GuestHouse (most recent pics of the service at the right).

Members are Hungry - Thirsty!

They were thirsty for the living waters of Christ. Pastor baptized 17 people at the GuestHouse service. The very water of eternal life now sustains the soul of these people. However, they need the water and sustenance of daily life as well. How perfect! Faith & Mercy once again is what Lutherans are all about.

Since the outbreak of violence destroyed many of the micro-economies in the slums, which were food vendors, food is scarce. Clean water is the

biggest problem. Deaconess Lorna, thanks to a $10,000 emergency gift from LCMS World Relief (to the rescue again!), is organizing a food program to care for members of the congregation and their families. This must be done in a very cautious manner because it is easy to spark a skirmish even handing food out because the people are getting desperate.

The electricity and water was once again available as of this past Thursday and now Springs of Life can help with the water shortage too.

Friends of Mercy is honored to be a partner with all of those who want to help Pastor Meeker in this crisis. We will match, dollar for dollar, what we raise to help with food, water, and the rebuilding of the properties of Springs of Life.

Donate HERE online


Send checks made out to, Friends of Mercy, to:

Friends of Mercy
546 Stoddards Mill Drive
Ballwin MO 63011

In the memo, identify either Meeker Support or Rebuild the Springs. "Meeker Support" will sustain the pastorate of Pastor and Deaconess Lorna. "Rebuild the Springs" will support a rebuilding program for the church and her buildings.

(Friends of Mercy is an RSO of LCMS World Relief and is registered as a 501(c)3 with the IRS. All donation are tax deduct able.)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Kibera, Kenya - Political Unrest Settling - Pr. Dennis Meeker Buying Food

In a phone conversation with Pastor Meeker and Deaconess Lorna, Pastor reported that they were very excited to see things begin to settle down. He talked about how sad it is to see so many people, including his members, who have nothing left. However, with things settling down, people are able to get back to work and start rebuilding.

Pastor Meeker said, "Thankfully, things are settling down and we are able to set up a food distribution program. Lorna is working hard with that. I can go to the church every day and talk with people and help line up some food for them who show up there."

I asked him about the 40 plus people who were living at the ELCK GuestHouse. I asked if things calmed down as expected and they were back to their homes. He said, "Oh yes, thanfully, they were all able to get home and are no longer at the GuestHouse. That was a real blessing."

As he always is, Pastor Meeker is so positive and optimistic. He said, "The Lord is so good to us and our people. He has protected us from harm and now people are willing to step forward to help. LCMS World Relief sent us an emergency grant to help buy food for people, that is what Lorna is working with. However, that has gone very quickly. We need so much more for food, and, hopefully rebuild the church, the medical clinic, and the preschool."

I personally witnessed the great work that Pastor Meeker and Lorna has done in Kibera. Most recently, he continues to work with an AIDS Widow who lost her baby in childbirth. This lady was catechized, baptized, and now continues to hear the Word of God from Springs of Life. She has brought friends to the classes and church. You can read more in an earlier post here.

The funds are scarce. Many church workers in Kenya rarely are paid their "salaries." The political upheavel has only made that worse. However, LUTHERANS ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Please share your blessings with Pastor Meeker. He and Lorna are expected to raise their own funds in the states to support their mission work. Now, not only is the needed, but, they also need to raise funds to rebuild their facilities in Kibera.

Friends of Mercy has set up a matching gift opportunity specifically for Pastor Meeker and his congregation. Friends of Mercy will match, dollar for dollar, the gifts you send for their work. Please consider a gift, either online via paypal or credit card.

OR make your checks out to Friends of Mercy and send them to,

Friends of Mercy
546 Stoddards Mill Drive
Ballwin, MO 63011

If one member suffers, all suffer together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together. I Corinthians 12:26

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kibera, Kenya - Lutheran Pre-school Destroyed -100's of Orphans - Now What?

Where the Children Once Learned

I've shared some pictures of Springs of Life Lutheran Church after the fire. This time I'll talk about their pre-school and some of the programs that take place at the school - well, used to take place. I'm sure they will get this going again ASAP.Springs of Life's Preschool, Gospel, Baptisms, and Hundreds of Children Receive Help

Over the last couple of years when Friends of Mercy hosts one of our Faith & Mercy Expeditions, we always are sure to stop in to Pastor Meeker's Springs of Life pre-school.

The ELCK has done incredible work in the battle against HIV/AIDS prevention and education. This is one of the great programs which is Christ-centered and brings hope in His mercy to the children of the Kibera Slums (a nice picture set here and one of ours here).

The set of pictures below are pictures that we took while we were on our Faith & Mercy Expedition.

In the school, the children are provided a quality education. They get a biblical education and the songs are about Christ and the bible.

When you get a chance to look at other pictures of Kibera and where the children live, you can seen what a blessing it is to go to school.

Last year, secondary classes were also taught at the Kibera school.

The children love to sing for visitors to the school.

By law, in Kenya, any student who attends a school must purchase a uniform.

Lutheran grade school teach from MI, Elizabeth Nelson, reads a story book to the children that her MI class made for the Kenyan school.

Even though there is a fee for attending the Lutheran pre-school, the cost ends up being whatever the parents can afford. At wages around a $1 a day, well, you can do the math.

They will Learn Again

The set of pictures below are pictures after the unrest. The "after" pictures were taken by either Pastor Halahke or Pastor Meeker.

With salaries at a dollar a day, it will take a lot of days to rebuild the school to get back to reaching out with mercy to the children.

There really is nothing more to say.

"If one member suffers, all suffer together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together." I Corinthians 12:26

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Peace of the Lord be with you always.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Springs of Life, Kibera, Kenya - Pr. Meeker celebrates Communion Amidst the Burned Out Church

The Lord Jesus Christ blessed the saints of Springs of Life in Kibera, Kenya with His true presence. The body and blood of Jesus brought forgiveness and comfort in the midst of the suffering and pain of the post-election riots.

Pastor Dennis Meeker and the congregation went forward with services this past Sunday. In a phone conversation with Pastor, last night, he said, "We were so thankful that things calmed down enough so that the gospel was proclaimed in its fullness. We have God's promises that He will take care of us and we will be here among the people who need us and the Gospel."

Having worshipped and preached in this church the last two years, I was excited to see members kneeling before the altar of God, giving thanks and receiving the grace of God in the sacramental life. The services at Springs of Life are in Swahili. When I preached there, it was with the help an interpreter.

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism...

Now you might think, "If the service was in Swahili, how could Sell know what was going on during the service?" One of the great blessings and wisdom of the "one, holy, Christian (catholic) and apostolic church" is that the word and sacramental life creates one body. We are one, whether we receive the body and blood and the Word in English or Swahili; in French or German; our unity throughout heaven and earth is sealed in the body of Christ.

The Lord's Supper was celebrated beneath the charred cross that hung on the soot stained wall in the sanctuary. Just as we know "from dust we came to dust we shall return," our Lord is is able to create something from nothing. Our Lord was raised from the dead, and we too shall enjoy the fruits of our baptism when we will rise from the dust of the grave.

In the midst of the sinful realities of this world and the apparent poverty and hellish odor from the fire, the people of God celebrated victory over sin, death, and the devil. The victory of our Lord is ours by faith in His work.

Calm Returning in Nairobi

Even though some trouble breaks out in pockets around the country, the authorities and the military were able to restore order. Kenyans were able to worship, go to market, and return to their homes.

In the phone conversation with Pastor Meeker and Dcns. Lorna last night, Dcns. told me that they had well over forty people staying at the ELCK GuestHouse. They were there to stay safe from trouble in their community. She said that the women and children first came to the GuestHouse when trouble hit their community on the opposite side of town from the Meekers. The husbands stayed behind to try and defend their homes, but, eventually they too sought the sanctuary of the GuestHouse.

The good news is that today, they will all return to their homes. Things have settled enough and they are eager to begin cleaning up and rebuilding.

One Body of Christ Throughout the Whole World - Lutherans are Making a Difference!

As we are one in Christ throughout the whole world, I pray that those of us who enjoy such an orderly existence in the States and elsewhere will take this opportunity to help.

Friends of Mercy regularly travels to Kenya through our Faith & Mercy Expeditions. They are named such because scripture clearly teaches that faith and mercy go together. For Christians, faith does not exist apart from love. We love God by loving others. As you continue to keep the Kenyans in your prayers, I would call upon you to share your blessings with them.

Matching Grant - Your Gift to Friends of Mercy Doubles

When you give to us to help Pastor Meeker and his congregation, your gift is doubled. This is a great stewardship opportunity. If you are a Thrivent member, your gift, up to $600, will triple after applying matching funds.

Click here to donate.
Click here to automatically download the Thrivent form.

"If one member suffers, all suffer together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together." I Corinthians 12:26

Peace be with you.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Springs of Life Lutheran Church - What's in a Name? Hope for AIDS Orphans and Africa.

"Sticks and stones will break my bones..." This familiar chant from our youth was a way for us to learn that when people call us names, it doesn't have to hurt.

However, there are words that do what they say. They create, bring into existence, the very things they speak.

Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kibera Kenya is a name that does what it says. The church was named that because in front of the church a fresh water spring bubbles up from the ground. Above, a man from the community gathers water while the Lutheran preschool in the back ground teams with the lives of young children being raised in their baptismal waters of life.

Below, another man gathers water in an old plastic jug soon after he washed some dishes in the spring. Water is necessary for life no matter where you live in the world. It is the foundation of life.

Springs of Life Lutheran church is a Spring of Life unto eternity. Pastor Meeker and the congregation are faithful bearers of God's Word. The springs that flow in front of the church bring life to the slums, cause food to grow, and sustain the community's basic needs. People always must gather around the water that is in their midst.

Springs of Life, does the same for the people of Kibera, but their spring of life transcends the poverty, tribulation, and sickness of this sinful world. Just as water must be among a living community, so is Springs of Life in the midst of the living people of God to bring hope, mercy, and forgiveness.
Water changes the life of communities, but the Word of God and the springs CREATE eternal life and sustain it.

The washing and regeneration of the soul brings faith and forgiveness to people where the fires of hell once raged. The daily waters of baptism's power drown the burning of sin in life and create hope and peace in our riotous lives.

Springs of Life Lutheran church lost a lot of the blessings of this life in terms of "things." However, the hellish fires of Satan will never put down the power of life in the waters of baptism. The church lives day to day in her baptismal life. She feeds on the body and blood of Christ as He calls her home to eternally Feast on a weekly basis. Therein the unity of Christ's body is made manifest.

It is this unity in the body of Christ, created through springs of life and the word, that we rejoice with each other and that we suffer with each other. The children (children below were cared for in the clinic) and their parents need the medical clinic of Springs of Life Lutheran Church. __________________________________________

The young man (above), who was reading the swahili version of Good News from Lutheran Heritage Foundation, needs his church. He was waiting for his mother to finish going through the line. He was treated with de-worming medicine and will be fine.

The two boys below are baptized members of Springs of Life.


In the name of the Holy One who brings life and salvation, I pray that you will share your blessings with your fellow-washed saints. They need your prayers, your gifts, and your faithfulness to God's word in the sacramental life.

The glory of God was in the suffering and death of God - the Lord, Jesus Christ! For us.

Pax Domini sit vobiscum!
The Peace of the Lord be with you alway!

The Aftermath of the Kenyan Unrest - Please Help Them Rebuild.

UPDATE! I received these pictures, via e-mail from Rev. John Halahke of the ELCK and some are from Pastor Meeker, the pastor of Springs of Life Lutheran Church in Kibera.

The pics below are the aftermath. You might want to see the church when it was functioning and nicely refurbished (earlier post here) and compare it to the pics below.

Thanks be to God, order is being restored and the political leaders seek a peaceful solution to their political stand-off. THERE IS GOOD NEWS! Hopefully, these will be the last of these kinds of pics.

Above, the parsonage that sits on church property was torched. Thankfully, Pastor Meeker and his family doesn't live in the parsonage. They are safe at the ELCK GuestHouse

Above, Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kibera, after the fire.

Above, the burned out interior of the parsonage.

Above, the Springs of Life after the fire. Thankfully, the interior was not completely destroyed, but there is a lot of work to be done.

Above, the interior of the medical clinic. After all of the meds and equipment was taken, they torched the building. I'm sure it won't be long until people are cared for again at the clinic, but it will take some help and funds from the church around the world to make it happen. The typical member of Kibera makes $1 a day!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Springs of Life Lutheran in Kibera on CNN

In case you haven't seen it, Springs of Life video is available on CNN.

Video of Church

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kenya - Burning

Kirk Radford, an elder from St. John's Lutheran Church in Rochester alerted me to this picture of Springs of Life in Kibera Slums. It is so sad to see. The fire was started in the medical clinic which was attached on the back side of the church. The flames are shooting out the windows of the clinic (below).
(I'd like to thank Joseph Karoki who first posted it here.)

Yes, it is only a building, however, the medical clinic was remodeled this past summer and it was a beacon to the community. It was a great outreach to the people in Kibera. Kirk attended our Faith & Mercy Expedition last October and saw how beautiful the clinic was.

This picture was at the medical clinic.

Prior to that trip, I arrived early to assist with a medical mission group sponsored by LCMS World Relief. This was the church and the clinic before (above). They saw over 800 people that week who needed the medical care so badly. Here are some more pics of the remodeled clinic\church before the burning.

This picture was taken at the dedication ceremony of the newly remodeled medical clinic.

The clinic was also being cared for by a doctor whose husband was working at the American Embassy for a couple of years. She volunteered to come to the clinic and help people once a week.

Patients waiting in the hall to see the doctors.

More patients outside.

Volunteer doctor and translator with patient inside the clinic.

Nurses handing out prescriptions from inside.

Children who saw the doctor.

A child waiting in the church for his mother who was in line at the clinic.

I posted these pics so that we can remember what was there. It isn't really the building, but the mercy of Christ that was shown to these people through the church and the clinic. There was plenty of evangelizing that took place by Pr. Meeker and his members. That's what really counts.

Thankfully, Pastor Meeker, his members, and others in the ELCK are determined to re-build and continue serving the community. Members of Springs of Life Lutheran Church make about one dollar a day. They don't have much money to build. But, they will serve and do what they can.

Please keep them in your prayers and consider helping them.