Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kenyan Unrest - Lutherans Helping the Innocent By-standers - Pr. Meeker Sends Photos

(Pastor Meeker took these pictures in the Kibera slums.)
Pastor Dennis Meeker made his way back to his congregation, Springs of Life, in the Kibera Slums. Pastor Meeker is making a difference in Kibera with Word of God. He faithfully preaches hope and forgiveness in the midst of third world poverty that we in the states could hardly believe.
Since the presidential elections (Dec. 27), many areas of Kenya erupted in violent protests and deaths. As we pray that the Lord will grant the Kenyan authorities to restore order, these circumstances become an opportunity for Pr. Meeker, his wife, Dcns. Lorna, and Springs of Life members to show the love of Christ as they try to help those who lost their homes from the fires and looting.
All around the church, their mud-dung huts and little road side businesses were looted and burned to the ground. The community is living on edge with fear and frustration.
Pastor Meeker said, "Please keep him and his congregation in your prayers" when I spoke on the phone with him Tuesday (Jan 1). He said, "My church council is worried because they hadn't seen violence like this since 1963. They hope it will settle down soon because they know the church members need help, but it is hard to get to them in the midst of the trouble."
Pastor Meeker sent Friends of Mercy some photos of the area around his church. Some of the businesses belonged to his members. The little shops are usually made of sticks, tin, and tarps. They sell anything that they can find on the ground, in the garbage, or find somewhere else in Nairobi. Anything to bring in a few schillings in for the family.
When you take this strife and mix it with the poverty saturated by AIDS orphans, it only multiplies the need for loving acts of mercy. The ELCK and churches throughout Kenya are doing just that.
Please consider helping out with a donation to help these Lutherans in Kenya. You can donate here.