Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kibera Slums - Springs of LIfe Lutheran Church Burning!

It is with great sorrow that I write this update to our last newsletter. I spoke with Pastor Meeker and Lorna just moments ago.

Pastor Meeker was upset, yet hopeful. He called to let me know that Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kibera Slums, was burning.

This is a real blow to Pastor, Dcns. Lorna, and his congregation. Until this morning, the church and her property was untouched from the mayhem and destruction.

In our phone conversation, Pastor Meeker said, “Springs of Life is burning as we speak.” He and Lorna told me that they have already gone through some mourning, shock, and tears. Yet, in the midst of the cross, the glory of God is revealed!

They were thankful that up to this point, no one in their congregation has been hurt or killed. However, they have 5 women and 12 children living with them now in the ELCK’s GuestHouse. Their homes are in the midst of the turmoil and the men in the family stayed behind to try and protect their property.

They said that they are safe and the unrest is mostly located in some of the poorer areas of the country.

Pastor Meeker said, “In these circumstances, the Lord will work His will and by His grace, we will rebuild. My congregation is so committed to let the Word of God be proclaimed in Kibera, they will not let this get in the way.”

Dcns. Lorna said, “The church is not the physical building. It is the people of God around the Word and Sacraments. The Word shall endure forever.”

He said that members of his congregation called to let him know that they are trying to watch the church from a distance. They reported that it appears the fire started in medical clinic that is attached to the church. They were not sure how bad the fire was in the church yet, because they were afraid of getting too close.

Sadly, the mob also torched the preschool that the church runs. He said that they burned the school first and then went to the church. Hopefully, the damage won’t be too bad, however, based upon what he saw the day before, the mobs are destroying everything and burning buildings to the ground.

He did want me to make it very clear, that, for the most part, the violence is in certain areas and that most of the country is untouched.

Keep them in your prayers.

Pr. Mark Sell