Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pastor Sell's Blog will Really be a Blog Now.

It's exciting to see Friends of Mercy continue to move forward. Our new and improved web site will have so much more information than before. We will be able to update it regularly. That means that this blog will really function more like a blog than an announcement or advertisement blog.

I will be able to provide more information here about my travels and some of the work we currently are getting done.

So, it will be worth your time to check back regularly. By the way, it is here that I'll write a daily diary from our upcoming trip to Kenya in October. As soon as our new web site is live at


I'll take the time to reorganize this blog.

Look around our field test web site

New Field Test Site Here,

just remember it isn't live yet at our normal address above.


Pr. Mark Sell

Sunday, July 22, 2007

August 1st -- Friends of Mercy to Launch New Web Site to Help AIDS Orphans and Battle FGM

By August 1st, Friends of Mercy's new web site will provide more information to help AIDS Orphans and girls fleeing female genital mutilation. This link:

Friends of Mercy - New Web Site - Field Test

gives you a peek into our new web site in the midst of construction. It is functional right now, but is not in its final form, thus it is not found at

The new web site will not only offer mountains of more information, but will also provide opportunities for visitors to the site to download brochures, forms, documents, papers, power point presentations, and much more.

Other information will also be available about our organization. Learn about the members of our board of directors, our other projects to serve Christ's saints facing terminal illnesses and minister to those who choose to participate in hospice programs.

Pray for wisdom as you might consider sharing your blessings with the children of Kenya who are in need and most of whom have no parents.