Friday, January 11, 2008

Kibera, Kenya - Political Unrest Settling - Pr. Dennis Meeker Buying Food

In a phone conversation with Pastor Meeker and Deaconess Lorna, Pastor reported that they were very excited to see things begin to settle down. He talked about how sad it is to see so many people, including his members, who have nothing left. However, with things settling down, people are able to get back to work and start rebuilding.

Pastor Meeker said, "Thankfully, things are settling down and we are able to set up a food distribution program. Lorna is working hard with that. I can go to the church every day and talk with people and help line up some food for them who show up there."

I asked him about the 40 plus people who were living at the ELCK GuestHouse. I asked if things calmed down as expected and they were back to their homes. He said, "Oh yes, thanfully, they were all able to get home and are no longer at the GuestHouse. That was a real blessing."

As he always is, Pastor Meeker is so positive and optimistic. He said, "The Lord is so good to us and our people. He has protected us from harm and now people are willing to step forward to help. LCMS World Relief sent us an emergency grant to help buy food for people, that is what Lorna is working with. However, that has gone very quickly. We need so much more for food, and, hopefully rebuild the church, the medical clinic, and the preschool."

I personally witnessed the great work that Pastor Meeker and Lorna has done in Kibera. Most recently, he continues to work with an AIDS Widow who lost her baby in childbirth. This lady was catechized, baptized, and now continues to hear the Word of God from Springs of Life. She has brought friends to the classes and church. You can read more in an earlier post here.

The funds are scarce. Many church workers in Kenya rarely are paid their "salaries." The political upheavel has only made that worse. However, LUTHERANS ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Please share your blessings with Pastor Meeker. He and Lorna are expected to raise their own funds in the states to support their mission work. Now, not only is the needed, but, they also need to raise funds to rebuild their facilities in Kibera.

Friends of Mercy has set up a matching gift opportunity specifically for Pastor Meeker and his congregation. Friends of Mercy will match, dollar for dollar, the gifts you send for their work. Please consider a gift, either online via paypal or credit card.

OR make your checks out to Friends of Mercy and send them to,

Friends of Mercy
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If one member suffers, all suffer together, if one member is honored, all rejoice together. I Corinthians 12:26