Friday, April 11, 2008

Kenyan Lutheran Pastor and Deaconess Lorna - the Meekers in the U.S. to Speak all Over the Country

Pastor Meeker and Deaconess Lorna arrive from Kenya tonight (April 11) and will travel throughout the U.S. to speak to churches, bible studies, meet with pastors and church leaders. Pastor Sell will travel with them in Indiana and California. They will return to Kenya May 29th.

They will spend some time in Fort Wayne, IN, IL, MO, MI, OH, and CA. It will be a month and a half filled with meetings, visits, preaching, bible studies and meeting with supporters.

Friends of Mercy is honored to partner with the Meekers in thier work in the Kibera Slums and throughout Kenya with Deaconess Lorna's work with other Kenyan deaconesses.

The Meeker story is unique. They met at the seminary in Fort Wayne. Pastor Meeker was studying to become a pastor and Deaconess Lorna to become a deaconess.

The Meeker's work mostly in the Kibera Slums where over a million people live in a 6 sq. mi. area. Whereas the HIV/AIDS rate in Kenya is about 15%, social workers estimate that number skyrockets to 40% in the slums. Pastor is called to Springs of Life Lutheran Church in Kibera and hosts medical clinics, HIV/AIDS education for youth, a pre-school, and of course a faithful Lutheran church.

They are currently trying to re-build what was at the Kibera site after the post-presidential election riots in January. (see other blog articles here and here)

Check back to learn about their speaking schedule. We will finalize it next week.

If you would like to help the Meekers and their ministry in Kenya, please donate to Friends of Mercy. We partner with them to support the proclamation of the gospel and the work of mercy in Kenya.