Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meekers Arrive Safely - Travel Begins with a Sad Visit

Friday Night Delays

After the usual long and tiring trip from Kenya, the Meekers arrived safely. They flew through London and endured a 5 hour delay there, another hour and a half on the runway, and were picked up at Chicago O'Hare by Pastor Meeker's brother, Mark.

Saturday Rest - The Church Triumphant Grows

Saturday, they relaxed with family, but learned that the chairman of the Springs of Life Lutheran Church died of a sudden heart attack. His name is John. He worked his way out of poverty and was very well respected in Kibera. His wife had come to the states to study at Valparaiso University and was to go home in December 07. However, after the election violence broke out, she was unable to fly to Nairobi. So, she was still in Valpo when she learned of her husband's death.

Sunday Visit with Widow

Pastor and Deaconess Lorna stopped in Valpo on the way to Fort Wayne to bring the message of comfort, forgiveness, and the resurrection to the widow. Thankfully, they were able to bring this message of God's grace to the mourning bride.

Pastor and Deaconess Lorna arrived in South Whitley (They are staying with me at my mother in law's home, just west of Fort Wayne.) About midnight, a car pulled up in front of the house and we greeted the Meekers at the door. Deaconess Lorna in her "deaconess blues" and Pastor in his clerical. The work of the Lord endures through His word brought to the suffering by His servants.

Monday - Taxes; CTS Deaconesses; Indianapolis

Up at 5:30 am and on the road. First, they dealt with one of those certain things in life - taxes - with a 7:30 a.m. appt. to the tax prepare.

On to the seminary in Fort Wayne. Pastor and Deaconess met with the deaconess students during a field education class, took questions, and shared with the group their work in Kenya.

Then, they left for Indy to meet with INS on Tuesday and return to Fort Wayne Tues. night.

Tuesday Night - Dinner at Dr. Just's Home

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