Monday, April 21, 2008

Keeping Up With Kenyans - Meekers

Sorry I fell behind. I had an unexpected trip to Fort Wayne on Tuesday last week for family matters. I know there are those who have left messages and I will catch up.

Last Week

Thursday - Saturday 4-17,18,19

Pastor Meeker has an uncle in IL who has been suffering from a terminal illness. Unfortunately, he received a phone call from his family and suddenly had to leave Fort Wayne on Thursday. He kept vigil with the family throughout the weekend. We kept Pastor and Deaconess Meeker in our prayers.

Sunday 4-20

Pastor Meeker presented at Trinity Lutheran Church in Manito, IL. Trinity and her pastor (Dan Chambers,) pastor are a great example of the faithfulness of your typical LCMS congregation. Pastor chambers faithfully preaches law and gospel, the sacraments are practiced faithfully, and they blessed with an understanding of mission through acts of mercy. Trinity has donated well over $6000 to help the Meekers with their ministry in Kenya. Trinity has about 160 communicant members.

Monday 4-21

Monday morning, Pastor Meeker's uncle was still struggling and the family continued to pray, "Thy will be done." However, the Meekers went through what we all go through when we are in the midst of a death bed vigil. The opportunities to proclaim the gospel of Christ's life in our stead are numerous. It is in God's death in Jesus that we have life. The work of Christ in our life, through faith, makes our death our VICTORY!!

In a phone conversation Monday afternoon, Pastor Meeker told me that they continued to provide the Word of comfort and the heavenly gift of the Lord's Suffer of which his uncle partook. Heaven was near for his uncle. He left him in the Lord's hands and the Meekers then drove to Valparaiso, IN. There, they ministered to his chairman's widow again and attended John's memorial service. Together with his member, now widow, they listened to God's word as it was read by those at the service. Word of the Lord endures forever. Below is a clip of John assisting Pastor Meeker at Springs of Life just before they left for the states.

Tuesday 4-22

After the service, the Meekers drove to South Whitley, IN. They arrived late at night again.
They stayed with my mother-in-law. I arrived earlier in the afternoon.

Wednesday 4-23

The Meekers attended the call service at CTS Fort Wayne, where they celebrated with friends who received their first calls to congregations. Afterwards, they left for Monroe, MI.

Thursday 4-24

Dennis and Lorna visited with a faithful supporter of mission/mercy work in Kenya. Sadly, the supporter's wife is battling cancer. We keep them in our prayers as they continue the struggle. Pastor Meeker commented how this faithful couple trust in the work of our Lord to bring them mercy. In the midst of their suffering, they continue to pray for those who suffer in Kenya.

Friday 4-25, 26, 27

The Meekers traveled to Cleveland, OH. They renewed friendships with friends and churches who support their work. Pastor preached and presented on Sunday at St. John's Lutheran Church, Cleveland, OH.