Monday, February 09, 2009

Tucson Lutherans Making a Difference in Kenya

(Oops. I thought I saved this as a draft, but published the title before I wrote the post. Sorry.)

This past weekend I served the saints at The Church of the Risen Savior, Green Valley, AZ (outside of Tucson). This was a weekend filled with activities that focused on the work of mercy through "Human Care". Thanks to Pastor Stieve and Deaconess Jeri Morrison, who extended the invitation to Friends of Mercy to talk about how we share Christ's mercy through our work.

As a veteran of the cross, Pastor Stieve (picture) graciously stepped in at the last second to preach on Saturday since my flight was canceled and I didn't get in until later Saturday evening. On Sunday I preached in two of their services and presented at their bible study. On Monday, I spoke at their annual Human Care banquet, which thanks the many volunteers of Risen Savior.

What a wonderful congregation of saints who care about fellow saints and those in their community. It was enjoyable to participate in a "snow bird" congregation again, bringing to mind my blessed years in St. George, Utah, where the church often tripled because of the saints traveling to dryer-warmer weather for the winter. -- However, it was cloudy, cool, and rained most of the weekend. Still, it was great to experience the beautiful aroma of the desert after the rain. There's nothing like it.

Thanks also to Rev. Ted and Mary Predoehl, who opened their home to me and with whom I shared many laughs and conversations. Rev. Predoehl is a retired Air Force military chaplain.

If you're interested, you can hear my sermon at their website, here.

Thanks members of the Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior.