Friday, February 06, 2009

$10,000 Friends of Mercy Grant to Support the Meeker's Service: Kenyan Lutherans Say, "Thanks"

Pastor and Dcns. Meeker say "Thanks!"

In an e-mail exchange with Pastor Meeker, he and Dcns. Lorna expressed their gratitude to the many Lutherans in the States who have shared their blessings with Friends of Mercy to support their service in Kenya. A key component of your gifts is the education of orphans. The Meekers explained that it was time to pay "school fees" so that the many children they support could get back into school. Another aspect of their work is to help sick widows and their children move into acceptable and safe housing. Sadly, in too many circumstances, the wife, now widow, has several children and has AIDS. They need the help with the children, medicine, food, and housing. Recently, the Meekers needed to move a family into another neighborhood for the safety of the children.

$10,000 Grant to Help Widows & Orphans and Springs of Life Lutheran Church, Kibera

In January, Friends of Mercy, thanks to Lutherans who are making a difference, sent another check for $10,000 to Compassionate Social Care, the NGO (non governmental organization), that receives funds to support the work of the Meekers. $2,000 went to support orphans through our Adopt an Orphan program; 4,000 went to support widows with orphans; 4000 went to support the ministry of Pastor and Dcns. Meeker.

It is helpful to remember that the Meekers receive no salary for their work in Kenya. They rely on faithful Lutherans in the U.S. to live and serve in Kenya.