Saturday, February 07, 2009

Airport Wait - Mercy Thoughts in Kenya

U.S. Airways Flight Cancelled - Engine Failure - Tucson Will Still be There

On the ground in St. Louis is better than in the MO river. We were on the plane, waiting for take off and then heard the noise. Oh oh, I thought to myself. About an hour later, the moved back to the terminal and off the plane we came. Next flight, 6 hours later. At least they caught it before we were in the air. Such is life.

Random Thoughts on Mercy in Kenya

So, as I sit and wait, I have some time to think about the work of mercy in Kenya and what we do at Friends of Mercy.

  • It looks like we will have 2 trips this summer, one in July and the other in October.
  • Starvation is the next major hit for Kenya due to fuel costs and presidential riots.
  • Orphans, Orphans, Orphans - it never ends
  • We are working on placing our "Adopt an Orphan" program on line with pictures, bios, and updates of the children whom you have supported in Kenya.
  • Friends of Mercy desperately needs some help with grant writing.
  • Friends of Mercy is helping the Meekers get their own web site for Compassionate Social Care, which is their NGO (nonprofit) in Kenya
So, there you have some random thoughts while I wait for my flight to Tucson. Unfortunately, I will miss the first service tonight at 5pm. Yet, I'll still be there for Sunday services and the Monday banquet.