Monday, September 01, 2008

Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison - Pr. Harrison's Blog about Mercy in the LCMS

If you are interested in the general work of mercy in the LCMS, you might want to take a look and Pastor Harrison's blog, Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison. (Friends of Mercy is a Recognized Service Organization of LCMS World Relief.)Pastor Harrison blogs about many things pertaining to mercy. What is always fascinating is how he brings so many of our Lutheran fathers and grandfathers to the table to speak on the church's work of mercy today. He quotes loving and caring Lutheran leaders from the past and you would think they were among us today.

UPDATES on LCMS' work of mercy from pastor Harrison himself are often on this blog. You can hear from our churches and those in the field who are hard at work caring for people. For example, during a disaster, such as hurricane Gustav, you will find out how we are helping people in the path of this natural disaster.