Thursday, January 29, 2009

St. Paul, Concordia MO - Vocation & Serving Through Office - A Day of Reflection

Last Saturday at St. Paul Lutheran High School, Concordia, MO - A Day of Reflection

What a joy and honor it was to speak at St. Paul Lutheran High School in Concordia, MO. You might not have known this, but the LCMS had a handful of boarding high schools that were integral to the training of pastors and teachers.That was a time when pastors began Greek, Hebrew, German, and Latin studies in high school. As Executive Director, Pastor Paul Mehl said, "and our church was better for it."

Pastor Paul Mehl was a classmate at Concordia, Ann Arbor along with his brother Pr. John Mehl, who is now living in Hong Kong and is the LCMS Area Director for Asia for LCMS missions. When we were in Ann Arbor together, I was amazed that someone would leave home for high school. Years later, after visiting the campus numerous times it makes a lot of sense, especially for young people who thrive on their own independence.
A Day of Reflection

St. Paul's theology dept. annually hosts A Day of Reflection. They invited Pr. Brent Kuhlman and me to speak on "Educating for Vocation" at the day long event. In the morning Kuhlman provide the biblical/theological foundation for vocation.

In the afternoon, I spoke specifically on the importance of understanding "office (amt German)" in our vocations. Just as a mother is not a father, so a pastor is not a teacher is not a deaconess is not a _________, you fill in the blank. Our call is all the same, but our amt(s) are distinctly different. The multitude of offices reflect a multitude of God's daily presence with His creation and His faithful children. God works through vocations to accomplish everything on earth, from changing diapers to teaching Hebrew to being a donor. They all have their place in God's creation and in His church.

The day ended with a banquet wherein the Rev. Dr. Horace Hummel (The Word Becoming Flesh) was honored as a faithful alumnus (1945) with the Apostle Paul Award. He said that he was one of 5 boys who graduated from the first graduating class. Seven began in their freshman year and Dr. Hummel began in his second year of secondary education.

Here is good blog post about the day and pics from the banquet by Pr. Walt Snyder. Happenings: Like a Cow Staring at a New Gate?