Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where's Deaconess Lorna?

"Where's Deaconess Lorna?"

"I thought she was going to be here?"

Those were comments Pastors Meeker and Sell heard often as they traveled during the second half of their trip.

IA - A Term We Learned from Parish Nurse Pam Boehle-Silva

"It's Africa."

For anyone who has traveled to more of a low-key country, you will snicker at this story. Many countries are not as fast paced as the U.S. Kenya is one of them. When we scheduled things in Kenya, the time of the appointment is more of a suggestion. Sometimes entire events will change at the last second without warning. Parish Nurse, Pam Boehle-Silva, (Holy Cross, Rocklin CA) told us of her trip to Kenya and how they finally began to respond to uncertainties with, "IA, It's Africa."

When Pastor Meeker and Deaconess Lorna flew to the states, they planned on being here, together, the entire time. We knew Deaconess Lorna needed to get back to Kenya to start classes the first week in June. The day before they left Kenya, she went to the school to double check that everything was ready to go when she got back.

Surprise! I.A. The administration told her everything was ready, but school was now going to start the first week of May instead of June. Pastor Meeker explained this and everyone was very gracious to understand that Deaconess Lorna needed to go home early. We made plans to get her home and fly her from St. Louis etc.

The first week in May arrives and Deaconess Lorna goes to school. She walks in to the class room and was told, "We had only 16 students and that wasn't enough for class. The school will start in September.

I.A. :)

In the Lord's hidden will, it was a fortunate event. As it turns out, Deaconess Lorna was needed by the people that she and pastor serve. For example, a young husband and wife, with 4 children of their own and caring for 5 orphans were living in a 10 sq. ft. home. Several of the children were sick. The wife/mother has AIDS, is suffering from breast cancer, and is undergoing chemo. Deaconess Lorna brought them some food and began to look for housing for several of the children. Too many under one roof. Too much sickness.

This is only one example of several situations wherein Deaconess Lorna was badly needed. In the end, maybe "I.A." is another way for us to pray, "Thy will be done."