Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pastors Meeker and Sell Travel the US to Support Kenyan Lutherans and Mercy

Pastors Meeker and Sell traveled all over the U.S. in the last month and a half to raise awareness of the AIDS Epidemic and how it affects Lutherans in Kenya. Between the two pastors, they spoke in 5 states making about 23 presentations (IL, MI, OH, IN, IA, CA).

A portion of their presentation was to update people on the needs of the poverty stricken and disease infested Kibera Slums. Pastor Meeker serves Springs of Life Lutheran Church in Kibera and his wife serves as a deaconess in the ELCK.

So many people were made aware of the fact that many parents die by the time they are 30 and, in the words of ELCK's Bishop Walter Obare, "Every home is an unofficial orphanage." Every family works and contributes to care for the millions of orphans in Kenya.

Often in the states, once we get past the initial news blast of something "big," we tend to move on to the newest fad or disaster. However, this trip around the country reminded Lutherans that so many homes are in ashes, children are starving and dying of AIDS and widows are sick with many children to care for.