Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Zion, Laramie Wyoming Responds to AIDS Orphan Needs in Africa

The wide open space of Laramie was the most recent trip for Friends of Mercy. Pastor Kumm, the senior pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, and the members of Zion graciously welcomed me last Sunday (Oct. 23). I flew into Denver and elder, Bill Schrage, picked me up at the airport and we began our 2.5 hour trip to Laramie. It sure was fun to be out west again. At about 7200 feet above sea level, the air was cool and dry.

Zion has a few members whose vocation was in foriegn service. Bill Schrage was a dimplomat and lived in various places around the wolrd. Others lived in Africa for a time for business. They have experienced the cultural realities of working and ministry in a third world country.

Thank you Pastor Kumm and members of Zion for your Christian hospitality.