Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mercy and Ministry for AIDS Orphans & Girls in Kenya at Immanuel, Carrollton, MO

This past Sunday (9-10), I was invited to speak at Immanuel, Carrollton, MO for their mission festival. Carrollton was about 3 1\2 hours from St. Louis. It was a beautiful drive through the countryside.

Pastor Swyres and his wife Kelle were gracious hosts on Saturday evening. We engaged in some great theological discussions, laughs about our children, and enjoyed some great bourbon and cigars on his back porch beneath the star filled September sky.

Sunday morning, as always, was a blessed event as our Lord called us to His holy table to enjoy the benefits of eternity in His body and blood and the proclamation of the gospel! I'm sure the preacher preached too long, though.

I was able to present on the work of FoM during the bible study and review how a theology of mercy is a theology of Christ's body.

The members of Immanuel were loving and caring. Pastor Swyers has served Immanuel for 11 years! Both he and the congregation are blessed in this wonderful relationship between God's people and their pastor. What a joy it is to fellowship in the midst of such a group of saints. Country congregations always seem to have such an appreciation for what counts.

Thanks Immanuel for your wonderful support of our mercy work and for being another example of "Lutherans making a difference!"