Friday, September 21, 2007

Members of Zion, Beecher, IL Respond in Love to AIDS Orphans and Girls Fleeing FGM

Proclaiming the Word of the Lord at Zion, Beecher, IL - Pastor's Rock and Moldenhauer Celebrate the Lord's Supper

The text was from St. Luke's Gospel, 15th chapter. "This man receives sinners and eats with them." Thanks be to God Jesus eats with sinners! It was a great text to speak about the "one, holy, Christian, and apostolic church" throughout the world and heaven. It is this unified body of Christ, into which our Lord called us in baptism. That baptismal call from our Lord is mercy and forgiveness and our resurrection unto the new life in Christ. Therefore, our Lord calls us to love and eat with sinners. To bring the gospel to them in our daily vocations\calls is the baptized life of love. To do to the best of our ability what God has given us to do as a mother or father; son or daughter.

What was interesting about this visit was the fact that my sainted mother's maiden name was "Moldenhauer." I thought that "this" Pastor Moldenhauer was the son of my cousin, Pastor Paul Moldenhauer in Walled Lake, MI. He wasn't! What a surprise that was to me. I obviously lost track of my family and their graduations. Sorry Pr. Paul Moldenhauer!

The saints of Zion were touched by the word of God and the role the sacramental life plays in the lives of our work among AIDS Orphans and young girls in the Maasai Tribe. What a blessing it was to witness another great relationship between pastors and the people of God.

After bringing in extra chairs to the bible study\presentation, the people of God responded lovingly to the plight of the AIDS Orphans and the young girls who are "cut." Sometimes there is simply not enough time to provide as much information as I'd like.

Finally, my visit to Zion ended with a filling brunch with a group of ladies and a retired grade school teacher. Yes, I ate too much, but couldn't get enough of the company of these faithful Lutherans. I thanked the retired teacher for his dedication and service. I'm a Lutheran pastor because of my faithful Lutheran teachers!

Thanks Pastors Rock and Moldenhauer for the opportunity to serve our Lord in your congregation. Please keep us in your prayers and I look forward to our next visit.

Next week - Wyoming!