Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strength in the Midst of Suffering - Great Luther Quote

Thanks to Pastor W. Weedon for pointing this passage out on Facebook.

How could a man wish for anything more blessed than to come into this fellowship or brotherhood and be made a member of this body, which is called Christendom? For who canharm or injure a man who has this confidence, who knows that heaven and earth, and all the angels with the saints will cry to God when the smallest suffering befalls him? “ (Day by Day, p. 353, Luther’s exposition of John xvii 1528)

All the company of heaven, angels, archangels, cry out for the believers on earth. It's always good to remember that believers are saints because of our trust in the work of Christ. He earned forgiveness for us. He suffered all things for us. He suffered the wrath of God for us. He endured hell for us. He gives us all things.

Everything on earth - all of history - is geared to strengthening our faith and the proclamation of the Gospel. The quote by the 16th century reformer (Rev. Martin Luther) reminds us of His compassion and mercy on us. Not only does everything on earth work to call us to faith, repentance, and forgiveness, but so does everything in heaven. His church is one on heaven and earth.