Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kenyan Lutherans Keep Going - Concordia Theological Sem Carries Update from Meeker

Pastor Meeker (Springs of Life Lutheran, Kibera Kenya) filed an update to Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS). He graduated last spring from CTS. He was unable to receive a call through the LCMS missions to Kenya because of their internal policies. So, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya agreed to accept him into their ministerium so that he could serve the people whom he had grown to love while he served a vicarage in Kenya. His wife Lorna is from Kenya.

CTS does a wonderful job of training pastors and deaconesses who are mission and mercy minded. Pastors and deaconesses often serve around the world. Pastor's wife, Lorna also was trained in CTS' deaconess program. Read his update at CTS' admissions blog.