Thursday, March 06, 2008

Calm in Kenya - Meekers & Springs of Life Lutheran Rebuilding in Kibera

In a recent phone conversation with the Meekers, Pastor said that they were continuing with the clean up and began building a new fence around the property of the church. The property in Kibera is where Springs of Life Lutheran Church, the school, the medical clinic, and the parsonage are located.

The excitement was building as members of the congregation along with some contractors began to get the church fixed up. As the work progressed, it became a symbol of the calm that has returned to Kibera. The church members didn't give up. The bible studies are going again and the HIV support groups are organizing.

The stained glass windows above the altar were replaced and the roofing is going well.

The rebuilding of Springs of Life is because of people who are committed to making a difference through acts of mercy. Thanks to LCMS World Relief and supporters of Friends of Mercy, the progress will continue.

There is still much to be done. The picture to the left shows the stained glass window, the roofing progress, and the obvious work needed on the medical clinic. The medical clinic was at the back of the church which was renovated last year thanks to gifts from supporters such as St. John's Lutheran in Oxnard, California. Marilyn Gregory and Sandy Frandsen, members of St. John's, visited Kenya last October and were there to mark the dedication of the clinic.

St. John's has once again stepped up to the plate and has donated towards the rebuilding of Springs of Life. However, there are many others who have done the same. Thanks to so many faithful Lutherans in the United States, the work of proclaiming the Gospel and celebrating the sacraments will continue in Kibera.