Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kenyan Lutherans Hopeful - Bush Supports Powersharing

About a week ago, I reported that things were moving in the right direction in Kenya to restore order to the country. Political leaders and international negotiators jumped major hurdles over the last couple of weeks.

In a phone interview with Pastor Meeker yesterday, he said, "Yes, things have settled down quite a bit. The key is to get the agreement to work. In spite of the trouble in Kibera over the weekend, things are pretty good. Most people in my congregation returned to their homes and are rebuilding, so there is plenty of hope."

Reuters Chronology

This is a big step forward. Of course, the implementation of the plan will make the difference. For a simple chronology of the events to reconcilliation see this well done article from Reuters ,

CHRONOLOGY-Kenya in crisis after disputed elections