Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lutheran Cancer & Hospice Society Publishes First Booklet by John Pless

Luther on the Care for the Sick and Dying

It was an exciting week for us here at Friends of Mercy. We received our first shipment of Professor Pless' booklet, Luther on the Care for the Sick and Dying.
His booklet brings to light Luther's writings on sickness and death. It is an opportunity to read Luther as the compassionate pastor that he was.
This booklet is the first in a series of booklets on facing cancer, terminal illnesses, and even hospice. Every year, Lutheran Cancer & Hospice Society will publish six booklets to help pastors and parishioners deal with cancer, other terminal illnesses, and hospice.
Hospice, It Doesn't Mean Giving Up
My booklet is also available, Hospice, It Doesn't Mean Giving Up. You can receive the booklets by sending an e-mail to Or, you can go to Friends of Mercy and click on the picture cover at the top of the home page under, "What's New."
The proceeds from the booklets support the ministry of Lutheran Cancer & Hospice Society