Monday, April 06, 2009

Lutheran Kenyan Deaconesses Healing Body & Soul - Need Gifts

ELCK Deaconesses Bring God's Word & Bandages/Medicine to the Suffering

A major project of Friends of Mercy is the training of Lutheran Deaconesses in Kenya. We provide funds for deaconesses, who rarely receive a salary, to travel to the training program led by Dr. Arthur Just & Parish Nurse Pamela Boehle-Silva.

This is one story of Deaconess Mary, who walks for hours to care for the members of her churches in rural Kenya (one deaconess will care for members in 5 different churches). For 12 months she cared regularly for a women whose leg was cut while chopping wood. There was no medical care and the wound grew to consume her leg from the knee to the ankle. After 12 months of scripture, prayer, and wound care with the deaconess, her wound shrunk and would soon be able to walk again.