Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Lutheran Churches Supporting AIDS Orphans and Girls in Kenya:

Every time I go Kenya and come home with more pictures and opportunities for Lutherans to make a difference, I'm thankful for the gracious and loving support of LCMS congregations. Since our October Faith & Mercy Expedition with St. John, Rochester, MI, I've been blessed to preach at several congregations who are working hard to support the expression of their faith in acts of mercy.

As soon as I get time, I'm going to add three more congregations who have put Friends of Mercy in their annual budget to support our ministry of mercy. Please consider us for those end of the year gifts as a way to share your blessings with those in need.

When you support Friends of Mercy, your gifts bring Christ and hope to the people of Kenya through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya. This is why all of "our work is connected to an altar." The picture above is of a teenager and an orphan whose parents died and is suffering from AIDS. I took the picture in the church where the children were gathered to learn bible lessons and sing hymns. (Using CPH visuals!) When local churches in the U.S. support us, their shared blessings go from their altar to the altar of a local church that assists AIDS Orphans and the villages that work to care for the millions of parentless children. Thankfully, this child began his treatment and is gaining weight. But, you can see that he still doesn't feel well. His expression didn't change the entire time we were at the Kawangware orphanage.

Lutherans are making a difference. Your gifts will support these children. Thanks and please keep us in your prayers.